Going With the Flow in Paris


It’s amazing how your day can change in an instant. Yesterday, having been put safely on the correct bus by my friend, the driver announced we all had to get off part way into the ride that was supposed to take me back to my neighborhood. The reason had something to do with a manifestation (protest) up ahead. I was in an area totally unfamiliar to me, but thanks to my trusty map I was able to figure out an alternate route by metro and made it safely home.

Today, while getting ready to leave for a walking tour around Belleville, I got sprayed with a big glob of hand soap that had a clog in the spout and had to completely change outfits. Next, my metro pass wouldn’t work in the machine so I had to fish out a ticket I had left over from a previous trip. Then a very aggressive, thuggish looking fellow got on the metro and picked a fight with a man a few seats away from me. Something to do with the newspaper he was reading. The thug looked like he was under the influence of something peppy and, since they were about to come to blows, I got off at the next stop and hopped on the following train.

Fortunately the rest of the day was fun and scenic. I had some nice photo opportunities and the rain held off, thank goodness!


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