Paris Plage

For the past 14 years the City of Paris has turned the shores along the Seine into beachfront where visitors and residents alike can relax, play games, cool off under water misters, or practice Tai Chi. By closing the riverside section of the Georges Pompidou expressway, room has been made for all sorts of wonderful activities just below the apartment where I’m spending the summer.

Even though a few signs still remain, the plan is to keep the roadway permanently closed following the mayor’s mandate to decrease traffic in the city, and provide more pedestrian-friendly zones. The major difference between this year and last is the obvious presence of police, military, and private security in an effort to provide a safe environment for all.

The photos below are a combination of an early morning stroll and a trip back through the area a couple of hours later. Clicking on any picture will give you a larger version. I’ve yet to make it down in the evening when the crowds are definitely larger and more organized activities taking place.

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