Paris Between Rain Showers

There’s been a lot of rain in Paris the past couple of weeks, so yesterday I took advantage of a break in the weather to take a few photographs at Place de la Republique before walking down to Place des Vosges. This was my first visit to Place de la Republique since it was restructured. There’s a water area where lots of little kids like to play, and a wide, open space where skateboarders were at work. Set-up for a concert was underway, while a group protesting some issue had gathered over in a corner. Place des Vosges, on the other hand, was a contrast in rest and relaxation.


2 thoughts on “Paris Between Rain Showers

  1. Place does Vosges is absolutely my favorite place in Paris. We’ve had some wonderful meals there and there’s usually some good music too. I remember vividly a warm afternoon lazing there listening to someone high up in one of the buildings practicing their saxophone. Truly magical.


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