Iconic Moments

In spite of the weather,  expected to be overcast, rainy, and a bit cold, my last full day in Paris turned out to be quite nice. The Cité de l’Architecture at Trocadero, which is actually a museum, had been suggested as a good place to get a few photos of the Eiffel Tower promised to one of my granddaughters. On a nice day I could wander around taking pictures of the Eiffel Tower for several hours, but the museum afforded wonderful views and I couldn’t resist snapping a shot every time I caught a glimpse through the windows. Here are a few of my favorites, taken from both inside and out.


2 thoughts on “Iconic Moments

  1. I like that picture a lot, too. For me, the most fun was walking through the museum and being surprised every time I passed a window and caught an unexpected glimpse of the tower. I kept forgetting it was there, since I was so engrossed with the displays.


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