Île de Ré

On one of the best days we had while staying along the west coast of France, my good friend and I took a bus to Île de Ré, an island to the northwest of La Rochelle. There, in the town of Saint-Martín de Ré, we rented bicycles and rode all the way to a hamlet called Ars en Ré. Along the nicely paved paths we saw many beautiful birds, lovely scenery, and piles of white salt harvested from the ocean. I’ll post more information about the salt later, but here are a few photos taken at the beginning of the huge bridge onto the island and while we traveled by bus and bike across the windswept landscape.


3 thoughts on “Île de Ré

  1. This is so beautifully dreamlike that it’s a good thing you have photos to prove that it really exists. You have really captured the golden light, the timeless tranquility, and even the salt air. Thank you for this lovely treat.


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