Beauty Along the English Channel

Of all the places I have visited this trip, the French coastline along the English Channel ranks as possibly my most favorite. At only 34 km (21 m) from the coast of England, the white cliffs of Dover can often be seen from Cap Gris Nez (Cape Grey Nose) on a clear day. Towards Calais, Cap Blanc Nez (Cape White Nose) is just as beautiful a spot, with luxurious white beaches spreading out between the two points.

Bunkers dating from WWII serve as reminders that this beautiful coastline has also experienced the horrors of war, but the pastoral views of grazing sheep, opalescent water, chalk cliffs and various ships at sea help to soften the heart.

By clicking on any photo below you can pull up larger sized pictures. The cliffs of Dover may be seen in the background of the photo with the lone sailboat.

One thought on “Beauty Along the English Channel

  1. I too have find memories of the two capes area, we were so lucky as we had very clear vues back to the Dover cliffs. I also have not so fond memories of the cliffs further west at Dieppe where, as a student, I slept on the beach. Had to abandon during the night because of lumps of cliff falling off during the night!

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